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2018 – Research CoHort

Marina Pando Social Justice Collaborative: 4th Year Cohort


In our fourth year of the Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative we are excited to have a cohort of researchers that are engaging in a variety of EYCEJ issues. Several projects build on previous research done by former colleagues of this years researchers. These researchers, and the communities they come from, are capable of building their own visions of what it means to be a healthy community—though they are often marginalized by decision makers. We hope you’ll join us on August 10th at the community presentation where the researchers will present their projects.


Program Manager

Floridalma Boj-Lopez, Phd

Floridalma Boj Lopez has been a member of East Yard for five years. She has also received her PhD from USC and her individual research focuses on the Mayan community in Los Angeles. Her experience as a scholar and community member led her to develop the Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative with a specific emphasis on growing the ability of community organizations to conduct research that supports their campaigns and movements.

 Pamela Amaya is a recent graduate of California State University, Long Beach where she majored in Environmental Science and Policy. Her main interests include studying land and water resources, environmental policies, environmental justice, and horticulture. She first interned with EYCEJ in 2017 for a course, but soon after became a member of the organization in West Long Beach. She enjoys hiking, camping, going to art museums and music festivals.






B. Iris Verduzco is a graduate of the University of Southern California where she received her B.A in Law, History, and Culture and a minor in Environmental Health. She is presently a board member with East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice and has been involved as a community member since 2012. Iris wants to continue building within her community and utilize her research and advocacy skills to empower, protect, and improve the well-being of communities that are most vulnerable to social injustices and environmental health burdens.

  Jocelyn was raised in Bell Gardens, where much of her interest for environmental justice began. She graduated with a BA in Geography/Environmental Studies and Urban Planning from UCLA. She has been involved with EYCEJ since high school and has served as a researcher for the Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative. She assisted research in brownfield truthing, researched industrial pollution in the communities of Southeast and East LA, and will continue to produce community-based knowledge to demand accountability from polluters. She will continue working toward sustainable development and building power in low income communities of color.






Kimberly grew up in West Long Beach. She is currently attending her second year at Cal State University, Long Beach. She is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Environmental Engineering. In middle school, she became a part of Green Team and knew she wanted to help improve the environment and make it a healthy place to live in. She became an East Yard member during her junior year of high school where she was able to put her passion into helping her community. She is looking forward to becoming more involved with her community and fighting for environmental justice.

 David is a first generation undergraduate at Rio Hondo pursuing a degree in Environmental Science, with plans of transferring to Santa Cruz or going abroad to study in Toronto. He first got involved in the fight for EJ through Youth In Action and soon after becoming an active member within EYCEJ. “My community and others around the world face injustices on a daily, I know it’ll be a long fight that may not be won in my lifetime but as long as I’m here I would like to dedicate m life to trying to create a better tomorrow.”



You can find the reports from this years researchers here.