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Collaboratives & Coalitions

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice’s work has benefited from partnerships with other communities, statewide environmental organizations, labor representatives, research institutions, and public health advocates. Some of these partners are oulined below:

The Coalition for Environmental Health and Justice (CEHAJ)- CEHAJ is a coalition of organizations, associations and community groups working to achieve environmental justice, improving air quality, community health and overall quality of life for residents living in the I-710 corridor in Southern California. CEHAJ is committed to ensuring the right of community residents to be part of the decision making process as it relates to proposed expansion projects for the I-710 freeway.

The Ports Working Group – Green LA’s Port Work Group is made up of environmental, public health, community and labor advocates who work on Port-related issues impacting the Harbor Area.

THE Impact Project – The Trade, Health & Environment Impact Project is a community-academic partnership focused on reducing the impacts of international trade on health and community life.  THE Impact Project seeks to develop an information network to share knowledge on the health and community impacts of ports and goods movement and appropriate strategies for preventing and reducing those impacts.

The Moving Forward Network – The Moving Forward Network builds the capacity of network participants working to improve the freight transportation system in the areas of environmental justice, public health, quality of life, the environment and labor. The Network does this through communications to facilitate information sharing, sharing advocacy tools, funding research on emerging issues, peer to peer training, and facilitating regional and national workshops to unite network participants and attract new allies. The Network also seeks to create national campaigns and educational initiatives on policies, undertaking outreach to new partners, and developing international links. http://www.movingforwardnetwork.com/