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Exide Technologies Inc.




Exide Technologies, Inc. (Exide) owned and operated a lead-acid battery recycling factory in Vernon, California. The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) issued Exide a permit under Title V of the Clean Air Act with limits on arsenic and lead emissions into the air, but recent findings show that Exide was emitting unacceptably high levels of lead and arsenic. Arsenic is a carcinogen, and lead is a neurotoxin that is particularly potent in children potentially having negative lifetime effects on development and behavior. For more than 30 years Exide polluted the surrounding predominantly low-income Latino communities. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and Department of Toxic and Substance Control (DTSC) confirmed that the impact area spreads at least 1.25 – 1.75 miles from the site, encompassing 10,000+ residential properties and over 110,000+ residents in East LA, Boyle Heights, Commerce, Bell Gardens, Vernon, Cudahy, Maywood, Bell and Huntington Park.


After years of our members and staff engaging with AQMD to implement regulation to clean up Exide Technologies, and push DTSC to shut down Exide, as of February 2015, the Department of Justice announced the permanent shutdown of Exide Technologies. EYCEJ has been working on environmental health and justice issues in the affected locations for more than a decade and has developed an expertise in leadership development, building partnerships and effectively influencing policies for a healthy environment. Although this is a huge victory, we must work to address comprehensive and efficient cleanup of all properties and communities directly impacted by Exide. This April, after immense pressure from community leaders, Governor Jerry Brown signed a $176.6 million appropriation to fund a first wave of massive soil sampling and cleanup in the impacted communities.

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Next Steps/How to Get Involved:

CA Assembly Hearing on Exide : Roosevelt High School Auditorium, Boyle Heights
Thursday, June 9th, 2016 @ 5pm, 456 S Mathews St, Los Angeles, CA 90033

State elected officials, who make up the CA Assembly Environmental Safety & Toxic Materials Committee, will host a hearing, which will consist of brief updates from DTSC about its plans for implementing the Governor’s $176.6 million appropriation to expedite lead testing and cleanup, and brief updates from LA County as well, and then prioritizing the bulk of the hearing to community perspectives and public comment.


GET THE LEAD OUT: City of Commerce & East LA Community Cleanup Community Outreach

Saturday, May 21 – City of Commerce Focus

Facebook event coming soon

Sunday, May 22 – East LA Focus

Facebook event coming soon…


More info on Exide Cleanup:

Department of Toxic Subtances Control Exide Page

Map of Communities Currently Eligible for Home Lead Testing

Home Lead Testing Authorization Form (Owner Occupied) ENGLISH & SPANISH

Home Lead Testing Authorization Form (Renter) ENGLISH & SPANISH


Modesta & mark!

UNSETTLED: THE EXIDE STORY  – 22 min. documentary by Bethany Mollenkof and Spencer Bakalar of the LA Times, featuring community leaders, including Modesta Carranza (EYCEJ Member from Boyle Heights) and mark! Lopez (EYCEJ Executive Director and Member from East LA).
Fox 11 News
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