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A Note from Xugo to our community

Hello everyone! I have big news for all!   I will be transitioning out of my role as SELA / ELA Community Organizer.   This does not mean that I will be leaving East Yards.  This means that… Read More

EYCEJ Statement on the state EJ in CA

17:26:22 Cap & Trade, Air Quality, & Environmental Justice   Right now, a major fight is taking place in the Capitol – the extension of the Cap and Trade Program coupled with an Air Quality ‘improvement’ bill. A… Read More

To the Youth In Action clubs of 2017

Youth have always pushed the boundaries of our movement, and dared to envision and bring to life our wildest freedom dreams–this year’s Youth in Action members were no different. From defending their school to defending their community, they… Read More

mark! Lopez 2017 Goldman Prize Winner

mark! Lopez, Member & Executive Director of EYCEJ, is a community leader, a father, and the 2017 North American recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize. mark!, 31, was born and raised in a family of activists where community… Read More


*EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO* LET US BE CLEAR We, the hundreds of East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice members from East LA, Southeast LA and Long Beach, will not support forcing our communities to pay a tax to indefinitely… Read More

Remembering Marina Pando’s Legacy as we launch our 2nd Annual MP-SJRC

As we are excited to begin working with our second cohort of Marina Pando-Social Justice Research Collaborative students this week, we are reminded of Marina Pando’s legacy. Marina was an outstanding leader dedicated to the environmental justice movement…. Read More

How to Grow a Movement – One Story at a Time by Martha Matsuoka

Last month, over a meal of pupusas, Martha Dina Argüello and I had the opportunity to talk with the youth members of East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ) Youth in Action! (YA!) program, about movement histories and… Read More


In fighting environmental racism, we know far too well what targeted violence feels like. We are too familiar with the feeling of gasping for air. We are too familiar with the suffocating smell from trucks, ships, trains. We… Read More

OUR MONEY, OUR CLEANUP: DTSC, Exide & the Path Forward

History: For years we have worked to resolve the Exide issue, from closure to cleanup, and while we are encouraged by the Governor and legislature allocating $176.6 million to go towards the cleanup effort, our members had concerns… Read More

Honoring Professor Martha Matsuoka Doing Worthwhile EJ-Social Justice Work? You Want Martha on Your Side!

“Brilliant, creative STRATEGIST. Local, regional, international NETWORKER. Critically loyal COMRADE, COLLEAGUE, MENTOR, FRIEND. Unassuming, formidable LEADER/ORGANIZER. These are all the many sides of Martha Matsuoka that I have observed, heard about, and experienced. On any given day, you… Read More