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The Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative

The Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative (MP-SJRC) is an opportunity for first generation undergraduate students of color to have a supportive environment in which to conduct social justice oriented research.

This space provides a week-long intensive training and six weeks of follow up through individual support for participants who want to experience creating knowledge through research.  Because of the limited opportunities available at various campuses, we want to ensure that students understand what the research process is (and what it isn’t) before they consider graduate school.  Rather than solely encourage them to participate in programs whose funding depends on their application, acceptance and completion of graduate school, we want to encourage scholars in a much more open and honest manner to consider if they want to build a research career.

One of our fundamental beliefs is that research skills are meant to be used in the service of collective well-being. MP-SJRC want to provide students with an opportunity to consider research as part of a greater project of creating the knowledge that will build our communities up through critical insight and analysis.

We hosted our 1st Annual Grassroots Research Symposium on August 7, 2015 at our EYCEJ Community Room, where our first cohort of students (featured in the photo above) presented the following research projects with community, friends and family members. To read about their work please visit this link: Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative Projects 2015.

On September 16th, 2016 we held our 2nd Annual Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative Community Presentation celebrating the scholar’s completion of the community based summer research program. With over 120 attendees including participants family, friends, community members and allies we were able to witness the researcher’s hard work. Project’s included:

  • Petroleum Pipelines in Westside Long Beach ByWhitney Amaya, Julius Calacsan, Jan Victor Andasan
  • Get the Lead Out: Community-Based Solutions for the Health and Social Impacts of Exide Technologies’ Lead Emissions By Andrea Luna & Suzette Aguirre
  • Run Down the Runoff: Assessing the Impacts of Dry Weather Urban Runoff in Southeast and East Los Angeles By Iris Verduzco and Jocelyn Del Real Jimenez
  • Intersection(re)alities: When Lack of Infrastructure Intersects with Women Cyclists’ Needs ByJavier Garay

You can find the 2019 report Here.


To read about their research please visit: Marina Pando Research Collaborative Research Summaries 2016

Read the Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative 2015 Summaries here.