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EYCEJ Workshops: Learning Together, Building Community

Air Pollution 101 (Number of sessions: 2)

Get an overview of air pollution, where it comes from, and how it effects your local environment, your health and quality of life. Find out about general sources of air pollution and take a closer look at your local community’s largest (and often most dangerous) sources of pollution. Learn about the top five toxins we are exposed to every day and how they affect the human body. Get updated on local campaigns that are focused on reducing our exposure to air pollution!

Ambiente de Mujer/A Woman’s Environment (Number of sessions: 3)

Learn about the intersection of environmental justice and our reproductive health, and how women are disproportionately exposed to toxins both inside and outside the home. Find out how to prevent and reduce toxic exposure by learning to identify healthier products in stores. Participants will get to make and take home cleaning and beauty products made from nontoxic ingredients. Take home a Do-It-Yourself booklet to share with friends and family!

Goods Movement 101 (Number of sessions: 2)

What is Goods Movement? Goods Movement refers to the system of industries working to move goods and products from where they are made to where they are sold. Learn about this diesel-fueled system of trucks, trains, freeways, rail yards and warehouses and how it operates within the greater Los Angeles area. Gain a deeper understanding of what the health and environmental impacts are for communities. Get updated on current local and regional EYCEJ policy campaigns around goods movement issues, and ways you can help improve your community’s quality of life.

Take a look at our Goods Movement workshop schedule: Goods Movement 101 Workshop Series.

Policy Advocacy (Number of sessions: 2)

The Policy Advocacy workshop focuses on the legislative process, government agencies with an environmental scope, and different strategies to change policy. Policy can be used as an avenue to address environmental justice issues in communities that result in significant pollution reduction. Get to play a matching game identifying the different governmental agencies that make big decisions about your health and local air quality. Practice making a case for health-protective policies!

Policy Over Dinner

Residents take part in a roundtable discussion regarding local policy efforts over a family-style dinner!

Public Speaking 101 (Number of sessions: 2)

Ever feel like you want to say something at a city council meeting but are not sure how to say it? Then Public Speaking 101 is for you! This workshop focused on providing an introduction to public speaking within policy advocacy avenues. Gain practical public speaking tools that will help you effectively advocate for your community’s health. Public Speaking 101 will provide you with the tools necessary to organize your message into a concise 3-5 minute comment you can articulate at the next public meeting you attend. On Day 2 of the workshop, you will put your new skills to the test by participating in a fun mock (practice) public hearing!