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August News letter




Take our energy efficiency survey to see what resources/programs you qualify for! These resources include free solar panels, electric & hybrid vehicle rebates, utility bill discounts, and more! You can now take the survey in the comfort of your own home in the following links:







Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative

In its 5th year Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative has continued to support our community and our first generation members develop their research skills and support the work we do as an organization with their reports. Meet the cohort here and don’t forget to RSVP for their presentation here.



Permanent Rent Control Ordinance

Towards the end of last year, LA County’s Board of Supervisors made a historic vote to pass the biggest expansion of rent control in California in over 40 years. This rent freeze, which applies to multifamily units built before 1995 within Unincorporated LA County (e.g. East Los Angeles, West Carson, etc.) will expire soon, unless the Board of Supervisors vote to make the rent control ordinance a permanent one. Having permanent rent stabilization in unincorporated LA County is key to protecting tenants against unfair rent hikes and unjust evictions. In addition, this ordinance may serve as a model policy for other cities EYCEJ members live in, cities in which tenants still do not have any tenant protections and are experiencing worsening displacement. So please, join EYCEJ, tenants, and other organizations in supporting Permanent Rent Control for Unincorporated LA County on September 10th!


El año pasado, la Mesa de Supervisores del Condado de Los Angeles hizo un voto histórica para aprobar la mayor expansión de control de renta en California en más de 40 años. Esta ordenanza, que se aplica a viviendas multifamiliares construidas antes de 1995 en áreas no incorporadas dentro del Condado de Los Angeles (por ejemplo: Este de Los Angeles, West Carson, etc.) expirará pronto, a menos que la Mesa de Supervisores vote para hacer el control de renta permanente. Tener control de renta permanente en áreas no incorporadas dentro del Condado de Los Angeles es urgente para proteger a los inquilinos contra aumentos de renta y desalojos injustos. Además, esta ordenanza puede servir como un modelo para otras ciudades donde también viven miembros de EYCEJ, ciudades en las que los inquilinos aun no tienen ningunas protecciones y están al riesgo de desplazamiento. Les urgimos que se unan con nosotros, otros miembros de EYCEJ, tenientes, y otras organizaciones que apoyan el Control de Renta Permanente en el area incorporada de el Condado de Los Angeles el 10 de Septiembre.






La Cosecha Colectiva/The Collective Harvest


So what is La Cosecha Collectiva?

The systemic change we are trying to achieve is a local food system rooted in racial health equity and access to healthy food, respect for growers, medicine, and healers in our community. Members are taking community action to achieve a collective goal through a decentralized garden project to challenge the dependency of unnecessary global distribution of goods and produce by working towards food sovereignty as a real sustainable solution.

Who are Cosecha Members?

Our members are spread out through the general body members from Westside Long Beach to East Los Angeles. Cosecha members exert strong people power to build public knowledge and political will for a better food system in our community. This requires that we organize grassroots community members, build community leaders, coordinate and maintain strong collaborations among close partners.


Enjoy our amazing pictures that show off our gardens and what we are growing this Summer!


Want to get involved? Want to start a garden? 

Follow us on IG: lacosechacolectiva

(323) 263-2113



In progress we have sweet corn, red corn, zucchini squash, cucumber, Roma and beef steak tomatoes, strawberries, swiss chard, dinosaur kale, curly kale, bell peppers, spinach, and persimmons.

Herbs: Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Mint, Lemon Balm


In progress, we have green apples, flor de calabaza, summer squash, tomatoes, cilantro, and red corn.

New Garden in Bell Gardens has nettle, firecracker flowers, mugwort, Indian mallow, California buckwheat, zucchini, butternut squash, onion, tomatoes, cilantro and pineapple sage. 


Harvested tomatoes, chiles, and Chinese eggplants, cucumbers and squash. In progress, we have more tomatoes, chiles, eggplants, and bell peppers coming our way. 



The pumpkins have been harvested (photo on left) and in progress we have red corn, squash, bell peppers,  roma and cherry tomatoes, and sunflowers. Our compost and worm bins have been giving us the compost soil we need for our next harvest.