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EYCEJ Programs

EYCEJ provides an array of programs to promote environmental health and justice in the local communities of Southeast Los Angeles, Lynwood, Compton, and Long Beach.

Community Fostering Events– EYCEJ hosts quarterly events to foster a united community. These events include movie screenings, BBQs, our Dia de Los Muertos Celebration and our Planting the Seeds of Change Celebration.

La Cosecha Colectiva: La Cosecha Colectiva is a decentralized community garden program that serves community residents living in East and Southeast Los Angeles cities, South Central, and West Long Beach growing edible, medicinal, and native gardens. Our mission is to support a network of food growers in communities impacted by industrial pollution to address air, water, and land quality issues. As we do this, we also build community movement away from dependency on the globalized food trade, and chemical companies that do not serve us and actually pollute our communities with thousands of trucks that frequent food distribution warehouses located in our community.

Social Justice Research Collaborative –The Social Justice Research Collaborative (SJRC) is an opportunity for first-generation undergraduate students of color to have a supportive environment in which to conduct social justice-oriented research.

This space will provide a week-long intensive training and six weeks of follow-up through individual support for participants who want to experience creating knowledge through research.  Because of the limited opportunities available at various campuses, we want to ensure that students understand what the research process is (and what it isn’t) before they consider graduate school.  Rather than solely encourage them to participate in programs whose funding depends on their application, acceptance, and completion of graduate school, we want to encourage scholars in a much more open and honest manner to consider if they want to build a research career. One of our fundamental beliefs is that research skills are meant to be used in the service of collective well-being.  We want to provide students with an opportunity to consider research as part of a greater project of creating the knowledge that will build our communities up through critical insight and analysis.

Workshops– Every year, EYCEJ hosts a series of workshops regarding Environmental Justice issues in Long Beach and Commerce. The workshops are intended to foster and support well-informed, well-equipped community advocates. Our workshops include dinner, child watch, and Spanish translation.

Youth in Action (YA!)– Our YA! club at Bell Gardens High School provides a space for youth to become more engaged in local environmental health and justice issues. The group engages in EYCEJ’s ongoing campaigns as well as youth-led projects.  YA! promotes youth empowerment and representation within the EJ movement in Los Angeles and Long Beach. Members learn about local efforts to create a healthier community while developing leadership skills, public speaking skills, and facilitation skills. They also participate in peer learning in an effort to increase youth civic engagement.