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Complete Streets

Complete Streets in East LA Union-Pacific

Complete Streets is a traffic safety/ walkability campaign in the Union Pacific neighborhood of East Los Angeles unincorporated. This policy addressed land-use and transportation planning and reduced localized vehicular pollution and increased pedestrian access.

The Union Pacific Neighborhood of East Los Angeles is a unique area where a rail yard, I-­5 and I-­710 freeways intersect with a vibrant community of homes, community centers, parks and churches.

An active group of community residents in the Union Pacific (UP) neighborhood on the 1300 block of South Sunol Drive came together to discuss traffic and pedestrian safety issues on their street. A “Complete Streets” campaign emerged in response to lack of stop signs and crosswalk on local streets. EYCEJ has also uncovered several other health and safety issues.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works conducted several traffic specific studies that failed to capture the entire picture when it came to the current lack of pedestrian safety.

In December 2010, LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina’s office made a motion to conduct a non-traditional comprehensive traffic calming study of UP to address the concerns of the community’s need for complete streets. A traffic-calming study is now underway.

What are Incomplete Streets?

When streets are designed without pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit users in mind, it becomes unsafe and unpleasant. Studies have shown that in communities where traffic is a nuisance, people stay indoors more, limiting much needed physical activity and social interaction.

How Will We Achieve Complete Streets in the UP Neighborhood? 

  • Installation of pedestrian crosswalks on Union Pacific intersections with Sunol Dr, Bonnie Beach St., and Gage Ave.
  • Reroute heavy duty trucks away from Union Paci4ic ave., where there is a school, church, community center, and homes.
  • Designate of drop off/pick-­up zones for Eastman Elementary that aligns to entrance gates.
  • Full and authentic participation of all stakeholders in the neighborhood in the process of the traffic calming study.