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The Sleepy Lagoon Memorial

The proposed Sleepy Lagoon Memorial Landscape honors the significance of Sleepy Lagoon to communities of color who used the lagoon for recreation, the incident that took place there in the 1940s, and its impact on Pachucx youth. The memorial also honors the original peoples and caretakers of this land, the Tongva, and those who have come to inhabit the land more recently.

The proposed Sleepy Lagoon Memorial will be located inside Maywood Riverfront Park. The original concept design runs alongside the park’s existing swale and includes decorative meditation seat stumps, a seat wall, interpretive signage, and symbolic writing on the existing bridge. The project will also more effectively capture and manage stormwater, and plant dozens of Southern California native, riverine plants traditional to Tongva customs and critical for improving ecosystem functions.

For full details on the project, its history, and updates visit the Sleepy Lagoon Memorial Project website here.