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Green Zones

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Green Zones in Commerce, CA

EYCEJ has been working on a Green Zones campaign in Commerce, in order to improve the health and well being of residents and improve the local economy.

EYCEJ was an active member of the Green Zones policy working group, which was a city sponsored, facilitated process. Through this process, the group collaborated with local residents, academic partners, small and big business and labor representatives.

Throughout this process, the working group developed the Green Zones policy framework. Recommendations to the council include the following:

1. Prevention*: Preventing toxic exposure for residents from new project/land-uses. (Zoning and Land Use)
2. Reduction: Reducing the level of existing impacts through voluntary business collaborations
3.Revitalization: Revitalizing local economic opportunities that contribute to a vibrant economy and an increase in jobs
4. Reinvestment: Reinvesting in adequate infrastructure that supports future economic opportunities, community health, and quality of life.

In November 2013, EYCEJ recommended that the City Council secure the prevention of toxic exposure by amending the zoning laws. This would restrict new toxic land uses near homes, schools, churches and senior centers.

Due to the overwhelming residential support for Green Zones, the Commerce City Council voted unanimously in favor of a Green Zones Policy! It includes REDUCTION, REINVESTMENT and REVITALIZATION. The Council also decided to have study sessions on the PREVENTION pillar.

Three down and one to go! Our efforts do not end here: We must ensure that the Council considers a zoning ordinance amendment. For now, we will celebrate that we have gotten this far, and that Commerce is one of the first communities in the nation to have a Green Zones Policy! This was all made possible due to community involvement in the Green Zones campaign.

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