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Support our community, support ratepayers!

Now more than ever, our communities are seeing the deep economic impacts of COVID-19. Between rampant job loss, seemingly unending isolation, and the inability to access our most basic necessities, our most impacted communities need adequate relief not just during this crisis but for life immediately after. This means implementing immediate bill relief and energy efficiency measures alongside long-term planning for sustainable energy development and zero emissions in frontline communities. 

We, along the Sierra Club My Generation Campaign, are calling for the California Public Utilities Commission and Utility Agencies (SoCal Edison, SoCal Gas, LADWP) to step up and support our communities during these difficult times, and even more, to lay a sustainable foundation our communities can lean on moving forward. We are demanding these agencies not to penalize struggling communities because they cannot afford to pay their bills. We are calling for you to prohibit the practice of disconnecting low-income customers, support bill assistance programs that cover the full bill for our most impacted, fund additional financial assistance for those enrolled in low-income programs, halt rate hikes, and waive disconnection and late fees. By taking these actions, our communities are closer to sheltering in place with peace because a house is not a home without heat, lights, or running water.

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