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La Cosecha Colectiva

What is La Cosecha Colectiva?

The systemic change we are trying to achieve is a local food system rooted in racial health equity and access to healthy food, respect for growers, medicine, and healers in our community. Members are taking community action to promote health and justice through a produce exchange in food apartheid. A collective goal through a decentralized garden project to challenge the dependency of the unnecessary global distribution of goods and produce by working towards food sovereignty as a real sustainable solution.

Our Cosecha Members and Gardens

Our gardens are spread out through the general body members from Westside Long Beach to East Los Angeles. Cosecha members exert strong people power to build public knowledge and political will for a better food system in our community. This requires that we organize community members, build community leaders, coordinate and maintain strong collaborations among close partners.

Our Programs 

Seasoning the Seasons

This program is dedicated to promoting a diet that is locally sourced, healthy, and medicinal. Seasoning the Seasons is an extension of La Cosecha Colectiva because having a space for cooking demonstrations cultivates a dialogue on how we view our diets as an act of resistance.

Remedios Familiares 

Skill shares are intentional for an exchange of traditional uses of sacred healing practices in our community. It addresses the use of ancestral memory, plant identification, medicinal uses, and storytelling. 

Garden Builds

Members who identify as growers hold stewardship development days, this consists of building garden boxes, mulching the soil, tilling the weeds, planting seeds. This allows for knowledge capacity building to develop more growers in our community and a consciousness around local food system as it applies to environmental justice. 

Our Social Media

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Additional Resources

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