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Southeast Cities Measure M Local Return Report

Southeast Cities Measure M Local Return Report

During “Bike to Work Week,” the EYCEJ Team launched #BikeToResistance as an intervention to document environmental health hazards we face in our communities everyday as a juxtaposition to the #BikeToWork week, often flooded with imagery of politicians borrowing a bike and goofy helmet for a bike lane photo op.

#BikeToResistance featured images of bikers traveling under rail road lines and over freeways, past brown fields and along side freeways with only a chain link fence as a barrier. What we also witnessed is that on our routes to work, the EYCEJ Team came across zero bike lanes.

#BikeToResistance has set the foundation for the release of Southeast Cities Measure M Local Return: Creating People Friendly Priorities, a report documenting the need for investments in bike and pedestrian infrastructure in SELA, and the opportunity to meet this need through the new Measure M Local Return revenue stream.

Through #BikeToResistance, the need for bike/ped investments has been captured through images and testimony, and through the Southeast Cities report the need is well documented through startling data, like the fact that in the last 5 years, vehicle/pedestrian and vehicle/bicycle collisions have resulted in 11 deaths in the City of Commerce (“The Model City”).

Take a look at the Southeast Cities report, share it, and help in ensuring that the failure of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments’ decision to invest zero Measure M dollars in active transportation is remedied by dedicating 100% of the new Measure M local return funds to addressing bike/ped deficiencies.




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Bryan S. Moller, Urban Health Strategies

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Website: www.urbanhealthstrategies.com

Twitter: @bryanmoller



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