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Fundraising On All Roads

About Riding on All Roads

EYCEJ’s Ride on All Roads (ROAR) is an active transportation program developed by the organization’s youth leadership. ROAR focuses on activities that promote pedestrian and bicycle needs in the truck-dense I-710 corridor communities. Through advocacy and direct action, EYCEJ youth promote community health, and safety, where they live, learn, work, and play.

About our Fundraiser

Over the past couple of years, EYCEJ has been able to accomplish some amazing rides that highlight environmental racism in our neighborhoods. These rides have also brought together the community to support our work in the form of bicycles being donated. These bikes have come with some definite need of Tender Love and Care (TLC). We are now at a place in the pandemic in which folks are wanting to find ways to be out and still maintain healthy active lifestyles. 

We set a fundraising goal of $4,000 to not only cover the cost of fixing more than 15 bicycles but to continue supporting future ROAR programming when in-person events are possible again. Bicycle maintenance will be done by our partners from a local organization to ensure all the bicycles are safe for riding. Once they are fixed up and cleaned, the bikes will be donated to community members in need and who have participated in EYCEJ’s ROAR program. Your donation will ensure that a member in need will have access to a working bicycle and practice self-care. We look to our community and supporters to be able to provide these resources and help us gift these bikes to the community.

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