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Groundtruthing Leads

Carina Sanchez: Carina was born and raised in East Los Angeles and graduated from CSULA with an undergraduate degree in sociology and a minor degree in business. She has an extensive background in fundraising for valuable causes. Carina currently serves as a member of the East Los Angeles Residents Advisory Group and the Health Innovation Partnership.







Yamilet Perez: Yamilet Velez is a senior at Garfield HS. She is an active member of the Coalition of Humane Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA). Velez spends her free time organizing and empowering individuals and allies to be catalysts of change in their communities.

Alma Cano: My name is Alma Cano. I’m a Senior at Garfield High School. I love dancing and coding programs.

Shirley Ramirez: Prior to receiving her B.A. in Public Policy at the University of California, Riverside, Shirley has been working deeply in her community of East Los Angeles for the past eight years. Currently, as an Urban Futures Lab Fellow with Public Matters, Shirley is looking into her passions in policy, community engagement, and youth.

Miguel Dominguez Sr.: Miguel Dominguez is a resident of East LA. He studied bookkeeping in Mexico and is a Mexican food lover.

Alexandra Dominguez: Alexandra Dominguez is a resident of East LA. She is currently in high school and is heading towards a career as a psychiatrist.






Clara Solis: Clara is a 15 year member of the East Los Angeles I710 Local Advisory Committee, long-time community activist, organizer for Sydney and Humphreys Neighborhood groups.

Miguel Dominguez Jr.: Miguel Dominguez Jr.  is a resident of East LA. He grew up believing in justice and equality for all and currently a participant at EYCEJ.

Edwin Cervantes: Born and raised in across LA, Edwin Cervantes is an artist, and advocate, and an educator. Currently working in East LA, Edwin is empowering the youth to be leaders and create change.

Andrea Sanchez: I am a soon to graduate senior. I was born on May 3rd 2000 and grew up on Ford Blvd. in East LA. I’m an artist and I enjoy spending my free time writing and hiking. I care very much about the environment and wish to expand my knowledge further in the future!