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EYCEJ Bike Toxic Tour

The EYCEJ Bike Toxic Tour takes participants to various toxic/hazardous sites that are adjacent to homes and communities, demonstrating the negative impacts on our local communities (and entire region) in the form of health & quality of life issues. EYCEJ Bike Toxic Tours also invite participants to learn more about local issues and how they can get involved in making a difference.  You can join us on one of our organized rides, or use the EYCEJ Bike Toxic Tour pamphlet for a self-guided tour.

Upcoming Bike Toxic Tour:

Visit our photo album from LA River Toxic Tour 2016


L.A. River Bike Toxic Tour: Re-Membering Environmental Racism

When: July 30th, 2016
Time: Ride out at 10 a.m. (Please arrive between 9:00-9:30am)
Start: East LA Civic Center
Closing: Hudson Park, Long Beach 
#EYCEJ #WeAreJustTryingToBreathe #LARiverBikeToxicTour

To Remember 
To Re-Member
To put together again.

Join us as we ride down the LA River Re-Membering stories of fights against environmental racism and other forms of injustice in our communities along the LA River.

Throughout the ride we will re-member sites like Belvedere Park, East LA, Sleepy Lagoon, Fwy divisons, rail yards, and discuss the historical significance to communities of color as sites of resistance and push for survival. 

Because we live in these communities, we know that the fight still continues. 
For this reason, we will highlight work being done to address injustice across the river.

We will tell stories.
We will revisit sites.
We will Re-member.
We will Organize.

#LARiverBikeToxicTour: Re-Membering Environmental Racism

Need more information?
Please contact us at 323.263.2113

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Past Bike Toxic Tours: LA River Bike Toxic Tour: History and Construction of Environmental Racism 

On August 15, 2015 we rode down the LA river visiting communities heavily impacted by environmental racism. We toured locations like Sleepy Lagoon, LA river, 710 Fwys, rail yards, and discussed the historical significance to communities of color. We also toured parks and locations highlighting what improvements of our communities could potentially look like if we continue to push with community voice and participation. We closed with a BBQ and special performance from one of LA’s premier cumbia bands Buyepongo at Cesar Chavez Park in Long Beach where we highlighted steps being taken to address issues facing our communities.


Photo Credit: @soldizote
Photo Credit: @soldizote

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Need more information?
Please contact us at 323.263.2113

For More Information, please contact info@eycej.org.

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