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SB 811 Update

We Support SB811

Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed SB 811, the bill authored by Senator Ricardo Lara that would have required CalTrans to examine Community Alternative 7 (CA7) in its entirety as part of the 710 Corridor Project.

Regrettable, Brown’s rationale for vetoing the bill was misinformed. If he had taken the time to discuss the details with us, it would have been clear to him why this bill makes sense and why it is so important. Although Governor Brown understands the urgency of this project, CalTrans continues to reject local demands. This Caltrans-created opposition could prolong the 710 Corridor Project for another decade, if not longer.

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice is committed to the goal of SB 811 and will try to reach the same goal through the EIR project process. We will continue to work on ensuring that CA7 is a viable option for the 710 Corridor Project. Residents, organizations, and local officials from the 18 cities of the 710 Corridor support CA7 because it meets the needs of residents while addressing projected truck traffic along the corridor. The 710 Corridor Project is a $6 billion dollar project, let’s make it the best project possible.

Press Telegram: http://www.presstelegram.com/environment-and-nature/20131011/710-freeway-governor-vetoes-bill-favored-by-environmental-activists

Governor’s Veto Message: http://gov.ca.gov/docs/SB_811_2013_Veto_Message.pdf