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710 FWY Expansion Project
One of the main reasons why EYCEJ was started was due to the plan brought forth by Gateway Cities Council of Governments, METRO & CalTrans to expand the capacity of the I-710 FWY by nearly 3-times due to projections of free-trade increase.
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The proposed BNSF Southern California International Gateway (SCIG) railyard threatens the health, safety, and quality of life of local residents, students, and workers. BNSF Railway, owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is planning to construct a huge new yard, about 4 miles from the Ports covering sections of Long Beach, Wilmington, and Carson and neighboring residential communities, schools, day care centers, senior centers, and churches. Along with the proposed expansion for the existing Union Pacific Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (UP ICTF), the cumulative impacts from the 3 million containers a year coming to these neighborhoods can be detrimental to the local communities.
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Green Zones
Cumulative impacts from environmental pollution weigh heavily on environmental justice communities. Such impacts represent the reality of living in over-burdened areas where socio-economic, environmental and health factors combine to create deleterious effects on the most vulnerable populations.
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