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Ambiente de Mujer Workshops Series in December

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Join residents in this FREE 3-day workshop to learn about reproductive justice and a history of oppression on the bodies of women of color. Find out how to prevent and reduce toxic exposure to chemicals in everyday products by being a smarter shopper. Take home safe cleaning and beauty products that you will make in the 3rd session! Workshops will be held in the EYCEJ Community Room (5117 Kinsie St., Commerce, CA 90040)

Session 1: Thurs, Dec. 4, 2014 | 6pm-8pm
Introduction to Reproductive Justice
What does reproductive justice mean to you? Learn about the history of eugenics and forced sterilization of poor women of color in the United States and Latin America.

Session 2: Thurs, Dec. 11, 2014 | 6pm-8pm
Environmental Toxins & Reproductive Health
Is your favorite shampoo or cleaning product toxic for your health? Learn how everyday beauty and cleaning products expose you and your family to toxic chemicals in your home and how to identify toxic ingredients to minimize exposure.

Session 3: Thurs, Dec. 18, 2014 | 6pm-8pm
Make Your Own Products!
Make safe, non-toxic cleaning and beauty products out of affordable, everyday ingredients in this interactive workshop. Be sure to bring your own glass jars to take your products home!

 Contact Hugo Lujan at (323) 318-2141 or hlujan@eycej.org for more information or to RSVP.