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As we reach the end of the summer, we are excited to highlight how your support has allowed East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice to work towards a safe and healthy environment for communities!

We began the year strong with a recent hard-fought victory that EYCEJ was able to achieve with community support:

Shut Down Exide Technologies’ Operations in Vernon Over the last 25 years, Exide Technologies, a battery recycler and chronic polluter located in the City of Vernon has been cited for numerous health violations and has recently been SHUT DOWN. After years of our members, staff and allies engaging with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) to implement regulation to clean up Exide, as of February 2015, the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) announced the shutdown of Exide Technologies. We want to express sincere gratitude for the generations of community builders who have put decades of work towards getting to this moment. We continue to fight towards keeping DTSC accountable for thorough and just cleanup of our homes and neighborhoods to ensure justice for the 100,000 residents in the impact zone.

Exide Picture

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Along with our hard-fought victory, EYCEJ is proud to present the Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative and our LA River Bike Toxic Tour!

Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative: 1st Annual Grassroots Research Symposium: The Marina Pando Social Justice Research Collaborative (SJRC) is a hub for first generation undergraduate students of color to have a supportive environment in which to conduct social justice oriented research. Through intensive summer training, the next generation of scholars becomes equipped to bridge the data our movement needs with the grassroots voices academia tends to leave out. All participants gain the skill set to ask and answer research questions with the potential to help us win our next victory. Marina Pando was a long time community leader who passed away in June of this year. We have named this program in her honor to celebrate her leadership and contributions to our  movement.


*Students will be presenting their research August 7th at 6:00PM  at our EYCEJ Community Room, we invite you to join us. Help us reach our goal of $7,500 to cover expenses of the program including stipends for our students. Help directly support our program by donating today!

Bike Toxic Tour Flyer

LA River Bike Toxic Tour: History and Construction of Environmental Racism: Join us as we ride down the LA river visiting communities heavily impacted by environmental racism. We will tour locations like Sleepy Lagoon, LA river, 710 Fwy, rail yards, and discuss the historical significance to communities of color. We will also tour parks and locations highlighting what improvements of our communities could potentially look like if we continue to push with community voice and participation. We will close with a BBQ and special surprise performance from one of LA’s premier cumbia bands at Cesar Chavez Park in Long Beach where we will highlight steps being taken to address issues facing our communities. When: August 15th, 2015, Meeting Location: East LA Civic Center at 10:00AM.

ROARYour support has made all this work possible, but we still need your help in order to continue our work to build well informed and well equipped self-advocates in East Los Angeles, South East Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Our organization is at a critical point when it comes to financial resources and every dollar you donate keeps our movement breathing. There is a lot we want to accomplish this year, and we’re aiming to raise $20,000 this summer. This is a huge goal- but it’s possible if every person who receives this letter donates just $25.00.And if you give more, our impact increases.  

Here are a few examples:

Thank you for your support throughout the years — we do this because we believe everyone deserves the right to live in a safe and healthy environment. Help us continue making a difference.

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Together we can continue Fighting for Life!

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