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La lucha sigue! By Isella Ramirez

EYCEJ member Isella Ramirez responds to Governor Jerry Brown proposal of a $176.6 million Exide Clean Up Plan and the impact Exide’s lead contamination has on her mothers health and the long struggle yet to come, ‘….organizing works! In any case, la lucha sigue’.

“From the time I was a pre-teen to the time I began my Masters program, my momma was a proud wrap-packer for Neimen Marcus. She packaged gifts, celebrity outfits, and everything in between with care. When she lost signifcant sight, she felt purposeless. That quickly changed when she became part of East Yard’s Cosecha Colectiva. I’m convinced she fed tomatoes to the entire Bandini Neighborhood some summers.


Thanks to the corruption of Exide and the carelessness & racism of local & state agencies that should have been regulating this business, my mom has lost access to her garden because of the EXAGGERATED exposure to lead. I’m so grateful for the work of EYCEJ and the allies in Maywood, East LA and Boyle Heights because a few weeks ago, Governor Brown had only dished out $7 million towards clean-up. Organizing works! In any case, la lucha sigue.” Isella Ramirez (EYCEJ member and Board Member)

Governor Jerry Brown proposal of a $176.6 million spending plan to fund expedited and expanded testing and cleanup of residential properties, schools, daycare centers and parks around the former Exide Technologies facility in Vernon, California. To read his entire press release and letter from the Department of Finance click the following link:  http://users.focalbeam.com/fs/distribution:wl/ze7pzanwmhlzgt/13tdh1qp1ta1fmh/daid/.preview